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What a Great Concert!

On February 17, 2004 when a good friend of mine asked to join him to the NK Arts benefit Concert I couldn't refuse. I was so happy to be present at this concert given at NYU Kimmel Center at E & L Auditorium.

There were many friends from ASA.  After displaying  the Carpets donated by Zaven Darian, made at his MaralGorg factory in Artsakh we went to have some wonderful meze. The two rugs were silently auction during the concert.

Neery Melkonian we  congratulate you for a Superb Job you have done putting a such a great show together. Lilit Pipoyan your CDs have been on playing in our CD players.

Dear friends, I like to ask you to send this web site with the few photos I have taken to your friends that attended the show on February 17th. I hope we will see Lilit Pipoyan more often in New York perform for us in the very near future.


These are some photos taken at the concert on February 17, 2004.

if you have any questions any comments or if you like to help NK Arts Project, I invite you all to contact NK Arts by calling  212-591-2569 in New York, or you can also e mail:    NK_Arts@Yahoo.com


To contact NK_Arts@Yahoo.com Call 212-591-2569



Zaven Darian Donator of the Hand Made Wool Carpets made in Karabagh,signing in at the entrance to NYU